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Astellas says the old and new NDCs for its antifungal drug Cresemba are interchangeable in compliant 340B inventory replenishment models.

Astellas Notifies 340B Entities About Antifungal’s Updated NDC

Drug manufacturer Astellas will let 340B covered entities using “a compliant 340B inventory replenishment model” count accumulations of its antifungal Cresemba under its old National Drug Code toward replenishment of equal quantities under the product’s corresponding new NDC, the company says in a public notice.

The U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration posted Astellas’ notice on the HRSA website last week. The company updated Cresemba’s NDC on Nov. 14. The medicine is used to treat rare mold infections that usually affect only people with weakened immune systems.

“The new NDC is a replacement for the old NDC,” Astellas said. “For purposes of pricing and purchasing from Astellas through the 340B program, Astellas considers the new NDC as if it were the same as the old NDC.”

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