Bruce Eddins, Administrator, Horizon Ridge Wellness Clinic, Inc.

Bruce Eddins

Q: Where did you go to college/graduate school?

I received both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from California State University, Dominguez Hills. My bachelor’s degree is in psychology and my master’s degree is in behavioral science. I am currently working on getting my PhD in public health at Walden University.

Q: Where do you live?

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q: Tell us about your health care facility.

Size: Horizon Ridge is a small but growing grassroots agency with six staff members. We are continuously assessing and expanding our services to address the evolving needs of the community.

Service area and population: We provide services to individuals in Clark County. Clark County, encompassing the Las Vegas metro area, is the nation’s 11th-largest county – representing 2.3 million people. We serve individuals who are living with HIV/AIDS and their families. We also provide services to the general population through our COVID-19 Outreach and Education Grant and COVID-19 testing site. Additionally, we run Mama Gloria’s Food Pantry to combat hunger and food insecurity across the Vegas metropolitan area.

Safety net mission: Promote the highest quality of clinical, supportive, and rehabilitative care so that individuals can safely and effectively work towards self-sufficiency and wellness.

Unique characteristic: Our approach is to assess, develop, improve, mobilize, and evaluate a comprehensive, coordinated, culturally driven, and collaborative system of services for children, adolescents, adults, and their families while developing an environmentally focused wrap-around service approach that addresses the multi-system needs of the individual and their families. The environmental wrap-around service approach is designed to remove barriers that may hinder the growth of personal, systemic, and ecological blockades that lessen the abilities of an individual’s capacity to master their highest level of potential – to be a productive and valued asset to the community where they reside.

Q: What are some concrete examples of how your facility has benefitted from the 340B program?

We use the funding from 340B to support staffing and operational costs. We plan to continue to leverage the program as we expand. Our wish list includes: increased staffing, including case managers/PCP doctor/nurse; an on-site contracted pharmacy; agency expansion to include a Khora telehealth virtual conference room, client incentives, and transitional housing – rental and utilities assistance program. 

Q: What makes you most proud of your work and your organization?

What make us proud of the work we do in the community is our approach. We engage with our community via a holistic model of care, focusing on the body, mind, and spirit. We open doors in the community to empower, actively engage, and collaborate with key stakeholders, such as community leaders, religious institutions, and others who have not been willing or able participate in the past. We have also reached out and educated large numbers of individuals through our social media campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube on the Horizon Ridge Wellness Clinic page.

Q: What advice do you have for 340B covered entities or staff that are new to the program?

The advice I would have for any new 340B covered entities is to learn as much as possible to ensure that you are able to make informed decisions.


Click here to learn more about Horizon Ridge Wellness Clinic. For questions, Bruce Eddins can be reached at  b.eddins@hrcl.org.