Gilead’s HIV Drug Reimbursement Cut Will be Devastating, 340B Covered Entities Say

340B HIV/AIDS clinics say drugmaker Gilead's forthcoming cut in pharmacy reimbursement for the company's medicines that uninsured individuals get for free could rock their finances to the core. | Shutterstock
Drug manufacturer Gilead late last week announced a huge cut, effective Jan. 1, 2022, in pharmacy reimbursement for its HIV and hepatitis B medicines that uninsured individuals get for free through Gilead’s Advancing Access patient assistance program (PAP). 340B HIV/AIDS
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NY State 340B Providers Get More Time to Challenge Reimbursement Change

New York lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo agreed on budget legislation this week that will delay a Medicaid drug benefit transfer opposed by 340B entities for two years.
New York state lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) agreed this week to postpone transferring Medicaid managed care prescription drug benefits to Medicaid fee for service (FFS) for two years, temporarily averting a significant financial loss to 340B covered entities.
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Panel Lauds Women’s Role in Creating and Leading 340B

Participants in last week's Notable Women of 340B webinar included, clockwise from top left, Peggy Tighe, Colleen Meiman, Colleen DiClaudio, Marilyn Hayes, and Lorrie Carr.
Women have played a key role in the 340B program since its inception nearly 30 years ago. Their historic and ongoing involvement was observed and celebrated in “Notable Women of 340B,” a webinar broadcast by Community Voices for 340B (CV-340B)
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Panelists Share Insights on Using 340B in Prisons and Jails

Correctional institutions can maximize their funds and improve inmate care by partnering with or becoming 340B covered entities, but doing so can be tricky, experts said during a March 31 webinar. | Shutterstock
Prisons struggling with the high cost of treating inmates with viral illnesses such as hepatitis C and HIV can turn to the 340B program for relief, but participation is often tricky.

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340B Entities Keeping Watch on Bills to Create State Drug Affordability Boards

The Colorado General Assembly is one of nine state legislatures considering bills to create state drug affordability boards.
Nine states are considering legislation to create boards to review prescription drug prices and intervene to lower them if drugs become too expensive or if their prices spike. Although the board’s implications for the 340B program have not been fully
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340B Gets Cameo Role in Senate Hearing on Government Drug Price Negotiation

Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Aaron Kesselheim told a Senate subcommittee yesterday, “There’s no doubt the fact that 340B pricing is among the best prices we offer for certain high-cost drugs.”
The Senate committee with direct jurisdiction over the 340B program held its first drug pricing hearing of the 117th Congress Tuesday. It held the session amid signs that House Democrats want to add language to let Medicare negotiate drug prices
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Survey: Pharma’s 340B Contract Pharmacy Actions are Putting the Squeeze on Hospitals

Nearly all (97 percent) of all 340B hospitals in a recent survey said they are impacted by drug manufacturers' curbs on contract pharmacy use. | Shutterstock
340B hospitals are under significant pressure due to drug manufacturers ending 340B discounts on drugs dispensed by contract pharmacies, hospital advocacy group 340B Health says in its latest annual member survey.

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Becerra Expected To Usher in Sea Change to 340B Governance

With Xavier Becerra in place as HHS secretary, 340B providers are hopeful he will act fast and decisively against drug manufacturers that have either stopped providing 340B discounts or placed restrictions on 340B pricing in the contract pharmacy setting. | Shutterstock
After what initially appeared to be a rocky path to confirmation and a deadlocked vote in the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, current California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) is widely expected to be confirmed today, shortly after noon Eastern, as
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FQHCs Fiercely Oppose Trump’s 340B Insulin Pricing Rule in New Round of Comments

HRSA received 200 comments on the Biden administration's proposal to delay until July 20 the effective date of a controversial rule on how much health centers can charge low-income patients for insulin and injectable epinephrine.
Federally qualified health centers and their trade groups are adamantly opposed to implementing a Trump administration rule to require health centers to provide insulin and injectable epinephrine to low-income patients at the price the centers pay for those drugs under
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State Activity to Rein in PBM Discrimination Against 340B Entities Heats Up

Tennessee is one of at least six states weighing legislation to forbid PBM discrimination against 340B covered entities.
At least six states have introduced or passed bills in recent weeks that would forbid pharmacy benefit managers from discriminating against 340B covered entities regarding reimbursements and other practices.

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