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Merck Toughens Conditions on 340B Pricing for Hospitals and Health Centers Effective June 12

Drugmaker Merck today toughened its 340B pricing conditions for hospitals and community health centers.

Drug manufacturer Merck today stiffened its conditions on 340B pricing when hospitals and community health centers use contract pharmacies to dispense most Merck drugs to patients.

Merck told covered entities about the changes in a letter delivered

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HRSA and Prime Vendor Yank FAQs About 340B Use in Hospital Child Sites, and GAO Issues a New 340B Study

FAQ excerpt
Excerpts from 340B FAQs that HRSA (top) and the 340B prime vendor Apexus (bottom) have removed from their websites.

The U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration midday yesterday and the 340B prime vendor Apexus this morning, in connection with the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency late last night, withdrew mostly identical 340B program FAQs about

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340B Did Not Arise in Senate Committee Today, But Might in House Subcommittee Next Week

Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) did not offer a 340B covered entity transparency amendment to a PBM oversight bill during a Senate HELP hearing today. There was speculation that he might.

U.S. Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) did not seek to amend a PBM oversight bill that is being marked up today to require 340B hospitals and possibly other covered entities to be more transparent about how they use money

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Two States Move Closer to Enacting Laws Banning 340B Contract Pharmacy Restrictions

Louisiana lawmakers are getting close to enacting legislation prohibiting drug manufacturer contract pharmacy restrictions. It would be the second state in the nation to enact such a law.

A Louisiana Senate health committee yesterday passed a bill that will stop drug manufacturer interference with 340B contract pharmacy arrangements, rejecting an amendment that would have stripped the language from the measure.

HB 548, which also would prohibit

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Janssen to Pay Refunds for 340B Overcharges in Q2 2020

Janssen Pharmaceuticals is paying refunds for overcharges on 340B drugs purchased in the second quarter of 2020, including top-selling psoriasis drug Stelara.

Drug manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals said last week it would pay refunds for overcharges on 340B drugs purchased in the second quarter of 2020, including top-selling psoriasis drug Stelara.

Janssen, part of Johnson & Johnson, said it owes or

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“This Is Bananas”: Hospitals Irate About HRSA’s Snap Decision to End 340B Patient Eligibility Clarification

Hospital outpatient location
340B hospitals expressed shock at HRSA's decision to cease a policy that has let patients receive 340B drugs at offsite outpatient locations that are sill going through the 340B registration process.

Editor’s note: New information from HRSA and Apexus obtained as we were going to press appears at the end of this article.

Hospital representatives said they were floored to learn yesterday that a June 2020 federal 340B patient

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U.S. House Panel Not Expected to Markup 340B Legislation at Hearing Next Week

House Energy & Commerce Committee
The U.S. House Energy & Commerce health subcommittee is not expected to move any 340B legislation in May, sources say.

A U.S. House Energy & Commerce subcommittee plans next week to markup bills on transparency and competition in health care and send them to the full committee for votes before Memorial Day. Although its Republican vice chair’s draft

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