Q: Tell us some interesting details about your company’s history.

Imagine a world where flip phones were the pinnacle of consumer technology – that’s the era when RxStrategies was founded. Since 2002, RxStrategies has established itself as a prominent presence in the 340B landscape. The organization’s longevity spanning over two decades is a testament to its commitment to providing valuable services and fostering lasting relationships. In fact, a significant number of team members and clients have been integral to RxStrategies’ journey since its inception.

At the core of RxStrategies’ mission is the design and implementation of intuitive, user-friendly pharmacy solutions. This focus on innovation and client success has been the cornerstone of the RxStrategies brand– as present today as it was in 2002!

Q: Provide some fun facts about your company:


  • Many of our team members proudly wear a badge of honor with over 20 years of RxStrategies service. On average, our employees stick around for a fun-filled 4+ years!
  • Our team includes the expertise of a significant number of pharmacists, with an impressive 700% increase in staff PharmD suffixes over the past 4 years.
  • While we call Boca Raton, FL our HQ, our remote team brings the RxStrategies sunshine to over half the states in the union.
  • We are a competitive bunch – ask us who won the recent go-kart showdown, fantasy football league or golf championship!


Q: What makes your company unique in the 340B space?

What sets RxStrategies apart is our expertise and insight into the intricacies of the 340B industry from 20+ years of experience. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our dedicated and fully domestic customer support, offering personalized and timely assistance to our clients. By working alongside many leading health systems, we have honed our skills in optimizing programs of significant scale. Our technology team plays a crucial role, ensuring unwavering dedication to 340B program compliance and robust data security. Continuous investment in our team’s knowledge and skills is demonstrated through ongoing employee certifications and security training, including our commitment to SOC2 standards. Additionally, being independently owned and operated, RxStrategies consistently prioritizes the best interests of our Covered Entity partners and provides a level of trust and transparency that sets us apart.

Q: What about your company’s work are you most proud of?

At RxStrategies, we take great pride in our active involvement with advocacy groups, our client charities and events, and any opportunities to contribute to meaningful causes that align with our values. What truly stands out, however, is the dedicated team we have built, who consistently go the extra mile to ensure our mission-driven solutions exceed expectations. It’s the collective effort of our team, the lasting relationships we’ve built, and our commitment to making a positive impact beyond our business that truly make us proud at RxStrategies.

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Gathered as a team for the 2024 340B Winter Coalition Conference.

Our CEO and VP of Contract Pharmacy Sales in action at a recent conference.